Nvidia is one of the biggest and most popular companies in the technology sector. In future AI technology, thinking about which stock to invest in is very challenging.

Today, We will tell you about Nvidia Stock price prediction and will analyze whether Nvidia stock will survive in the coming years. 

We have an expert team of analysts and have been analyzing stocks for many years, and most of our predictions have reached that target price.

What is Nvidia?

Nvidia is a Multinational technology company that manufactures and markets Graphic Processing Units (GPU). It was founded by 3 persons named Chrish Malachowsky, Curtis Prien, and Jensen Huang on 5 April 1993.

Nvidia’s official headquarters is situated in Sunnyvale, California.

As technology grows, the software and games that are coming need heavy systems to work. This is where GPU takes place. Without it we can’t play high-end games like GTA5 and other high graphics games.

Beyond hardware, Nvidia has also developed CUDA, a parallel computing platform and application programming interface (API) model, which has played a pivotal role in propelling AI and deep learning advancements.

It also develops AI software that can help you to record Videos and voice professionally. The NVIDIA Broadcast software allows you to turn your noisy voices to a crisp and clear voice and has many more functions.

Stock SymbolNVDA
Market Cap1.20 Trillion USD
HeadquartersSunnyvale, California
52 Week High502.66
52 Week Low 108.13
FY22-23 Revenue$24.97 billion
Nvidia Working SectorAI, GPU, Software, Autonomous Vehicle

Nvidia Stock price prediction 2025-2050

As we are seeing technology, gaming, and AI are going to be the future, and Nvidia fits best in all of these factors. 

It is not wrong to say Nvidia will rule in the GPU industry.

So, we must consider Nvidia in this coming race of AI and Technology. All the heavy software of AI and many other things need GPUs to process information faster, and there is no company right now that makes better GPUs than Nvidia.

We must think to invest in Nvidia, and here our role comes in. 

Before investing in any stock, you need a detailed analysis and an average stock price prediction that this company can get.

Below are the Nvidia Stock Price Predictions from 2023-2050.

Year Stock Price Prediction

Nvidia Stock price prediction 2023

According to our analysis and forecast, We predicted that Nvidia’s stock price could reach around $542 by the end of 2023. But many other investors expect that Nvidia can go as high as $1100 in the coming 12 months.

But if we think it’s more than 100% return, that’s not a realistic value to gain. We will consider a fair gain, and if we get more returns, then we will be more happy.

Nvidia Stock price prediction 2024

We have analyzed Nvidia stock deeply and found that this company have a very good potential to grow. Nvidia Stock target for 2024 is $647, which is around a 35% return from the current stock price.

It has much more potential to grow, but as we know, the recession is coming, so the stock price growth will be slow. 

Nvidia Stock price prediction 2025

Nvidia Stock Price prediction for 2025 is $767, which is a huge return if seen for the long term. This price can be achieved till the end of 2025, but in the middle, like June and July, we can get a stock price of $710.

As the future is artificial Intelligence, it is not wrong to say we are underestimating the stock. It can gain a much higher stock price. 

As we are predicting the stock price, You must not blindly trust these predictions by Analysts. As we all know, a lot of time, analyst’s prediction goes wrong because they are not god.

Doing your own research before investing in any stock would be best.

Nvidia Stock Forecast 2026

Our Analysts predict that Nividia stock may reach a target price of $900 – $936 in 2026. As Generative AI is coming and seems to be the future, Nvidia is also working on it, and it has the potential that it can disrupt many markets. 

NVIDIA is focusing on and investing in the next big wave of AI, where AI doesn’t just analyze data but can create new content. 

Nvidia Stock Price Prediction 2027

Many Trading View and Wallet Investors analysts believe that Nvidia will be very bullish in the coming years and giving Nvidia stock price prediction for 2027 that it can achieve a stock price of an average of $1010 in mid and $1,100 at the end of 2027.

This is because Nvidia is also working in an industry where Tesla is also working, that is, Autonomous Vehicle. They started the production of the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, which is an autonomous vehicle system-on-a-chip (SoC). 

This development is part of NVIDIA’s broader strategy in the automotive sector, where they aim to leverage their technology leadership in AI to deliver comprehensive solutions for the autonomous vehicle (AV) market.

Nvidia Stock Price Prediction 2028

Our Analysts predict that the Nvidia stock forecast for 2028 would be around an average of $1,180 but can also reach as high as $1250.

NVIDIA started the production of the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, which is an autonomous vehicle system-on-a-chip (SoC).

This development is part of NVIDIA’s broader strategy in the automotive sector, where they aim to leverage their technology leadership in AI to deliver comprehensive solutions for the autonomous vehicle (AV) market.

If we compare this price to today’s price, then it would be a 400% return in only 5 years, which is around 35% CAGR and it is huge. Many investors struggle to get even a 15%-20% annualized return.

We are saying this because we have analyzed this stock, and Nvidia is focusing on developing technologies in sectors that are going to boom in the near future. If any of one product gets successful, they will earn billions of dollars from a single product.

Nvidia Stock Price Forecast 2029

In the world of stocks, Nvidia’s name is shining brighter than ever. When we talk about Nvidia’s stock in 2029, the excitement is real. Experts are buzzing about a possible stock price of $1600 in 2029

It might sound like a big number, but given Nvidia’s track record of groundbreaking technology in graphics and AI, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. The company’s dedication to innovation has caught the attention of investors, and that’s a big deal.

Nvidia Stock price prediction 2030

Now comes 2030, which is an important year because after this year, it will be the end of this decade and the world that we are going to have in 2030 is a world that we can’t even imagine how the future technology will look like.

So, by analyzing all the data and getting an average CAGR of around 20%-25% every year, we predict that Nvidia can easily reach around $1,950 in 2030

The end of this decade is just 7 years away, so the power of compounding is not too much, but after this, we will see the power of compounding and how it is going to give you exponential returns.

Nvidia stock price prediction 2040

While it’s challenging to foresee the precise ups and downs Nvidia’s stock will experience, one can’t ignore the potential benefits of compounding over time. 

Assuming a steady growth rate, some projections suggest that Nvidia’s stock price could reach a staggering $7,700 by 2040.

The journey from now until 2040 is likely to be filled with various market fluctuations, technological advancements, and economic shifts.

Because of a long timeframe, it is essential that you should keep an eye on company financials, press releases and news every quarter, which is very important. This 2040 forecast is purely based on assumptions and an average CAGR.

Nvidia stock price prediction 2050

It is nearly impossible for any person in the world to predict the stock price of any stock for the next 25-30 years. 

We don’t even know what the world will look like in 2050 or what type of tech we will have. So, we are assuming that Nvidia will adopt every change that will protect him. 

It will grow with a CAGR of 25%. With these things, we came to the conclusion that Nvidia’s stock price prediction for 2050 would be $30k. If any split happens, then the price may vary.

Nvidia Financials

Wow, NVIDIA is on fire! If you’ve been keeping an eye on the tech world, you’d know that NVIDIA has been making waves, and their recent Q2 results for 2023-2024 are nothing short of spectacular.

They’ve raked in a jaw-dropping $13.51 billion in revenue. That’s not just a little bump from the previous quarter—it’s an 88% jump! And if we rewind to the same time last year, they’ve more than doubled their revenue. Crazy, right?

Nvidia Quarterly Revenue Trend

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show: NVIDIA’s Data Center segment. These guys have been busy! 

They reported a record revenue of $10.32 billion

Just to put that into perspective, that’s a 141% increase from their last quarter and a massive 171% leap from the previous year. 

I mean, last year’s Q2 Data Center revenue was impressive at $3.81 billion, but this year? They’re outdoing themselves!

And the cherry on top? Their earnings. NVIDIA announced a GAAP earnings per diluted share of $2.48 for the quarter. 

If you’re into numbers, that’s an 854% increase from last year and a 202% rise from just the last quarter. It’s clear that NVIDIA isn’t just playing the game; they’re dominating it.

But, as always, the financial world isn’t just about big numbers. 

Savvy investors will be diving deep into other metrics like the PE Ratio and checking if the stock is overpriced. NVIDIA’s been on a roll, but the real challenge? 

If you want to check out Yearly result of Nvidia stock then you can go here.

What are other Investors saying about Nvidia shares?

As we approach the end of 2023, NVIDIA continues to be a hot topic among market analysts, with predictions painting a promising picture for the tech giant.

According to Cody Acree from Benchmark Co. who is a 5 star Wall street Analyst, Nvidia stock can reach a stock price of $625. He is very bullish on this stock and giving a buy rating.

Around 176 out of 269 Predictions of Cody Acree goes right.

There is one more successful analyst named Ambrish Srivastava, he has also given his views on Nvidia.

He has maintained a Buy rating on Nvidia stock. According to his forecast, Nvidia can reach a potential target of $600 in coming few months. He also have a success rate of around 68.50% and average return of 15.60%.

As of late August, 44 analysts surveyed by USA Today have set a median price target of $622.50 for NVIDIA, indicating a potential 25% upside in the next year. On the other hand, WasteorInvest predicts that NVIDIA’s stock price could reach $318.41 in 2024

With such varied predictions, one thing is clear: NVIDIA remains a focal point in the tech investment landscape, and it will be intriguing to see how these forecasts play out.

Is Nvidia Buy, Sell or Hold?

Around 26 Analysts have given thier analysis on NVDA. Out of which 10 have given a buy rating, 8 have given sell and remaining 8 are neutral on stock which means hold. For short term it is hard to say buy, sell or hold.

But if you are going for long term then this maybe a good to to Buy.

But, because of recession and other economic events it is better to see where the stock heads and if it goes down then it will be a better time for us to buy the stock with a lower price. Our Rating on the stock for now is Hold.


What will NVIDIA stock be worth in 2025?

According to our Analysis, we predicted that Nvidia stock will reach $767 in 2025. It is because of the new wave of AI.

What will Nvidia Stock price be in 2030?

This decade is going to be Nvidia’s decade, and we can predict that it will reach as low as $1950. and if any one of the inventions of Nvidia gets successful, then we can see the price booming to $2200.

Will NVDA stock reach $1,000?

Yes, there is a lot of potential for NVDIA to reach $1000. In 2023 itself, Nvidia almost gave around 250% return and achieved a price of $458. Now, it will not take much time for NVDA to reach $1000. Our Expected year is 2027.

Where will Nvidia stock be in 5 years?

In the next 5 years, Nvidia stock has the potential to reach a stock price of $1250.


This decade is going to change everything. What we can do with gadgets, how we browse the internet and many other things. As we are seeing, Nvidia’s product in every potential industry that is coming out, there’s a lot more possibility that it will survive the change.

So, our NVDA prediction for 2024 – 2030 remains bullish, with Nvidia Stock Price Prediction in 2025 at $767 and $1950 in 2030.

This article’s Nvidia stock price prediction for 2025 paints a promising outlook aligned with the company’s remarkable growth and innovations. While forecasts provide insights, market dynamics remain unpredictable. 

Investors should blend these projections with thorough research and market monitoring. Nvidia’s robust financial performance and pioneering contributions solidify its stature, emphasizing its potential to achieve the projected growth. 

That’s it. If you liked our Research and Predictions, don’t forget to share this article on your social media, as it can help many people like you.

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